Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the blessings of the past year. With 2021 being the year that it has been, is there room to feel grateful? Have we been blessed? Are there really things to be thankful for?

YES! Absolutely. Especially during hard times, our resilience to overcome obstacles must be partnered with the ability to see the good – the good in the “now”. It can be very difficult. But more than looking ahead, appreciating the good right in front of you can give you that much-needed strength to keep walking one step at a time.

It’s not making lemonades out of lemon. It’s appreciating that lemons can strengthen your immune system. It’s not waiting for the rainbow after the rain. It’s allowing the sound of the rain to calm you down.

It’s not being Pollyanna. It’s not being overly optimistic. It’s not only seeing or seeing more of only the good. It’s accepting your reality. It’s looking at your reality in it’s entirety and recognizing the worth of it’s every piece.

This week on Instagram, I decided to do a #gratitudepost every day because I truly feel blessed. Although I have had to adjust to changes and overcome struggles, I saw both of my children ride their bikes without training wheels for the first time. I heard Aiden sing a song without prompting for the first time. Oliver read 10 books for the summer and liked it. Hubby discovered the goodness in Kombucha and grew his first pineapple and guava plants.

Monday, 11/23/2020

Today, Monday – I am grateful for Aiden’s progressing artworks. They may be scribbles and unstructured messy coloring to some but to me, it’s proof of his developing motor and intellectual skills. It’s a validation that he is capable of anything when we set the right environment and give him the right tools.

Tuesday, 11/24/2020

Today’s #gratitudepost is about Oliver.

I miscarried in 2013 and if you have ever miscarried and had to wait for your body to completely miscarry, you know the kind of pain I am talking about. That whole wait time, I prayed sooooo hard for a miracle. Sadly, We still lost our baby. 💔

Oliver came the next year and since then, he has blessed our family with so much love, light, and laughter. This little man helps us take care of his brother. He tells us not to argue because arguments are bad. 🥰He reminds us not to use inappropriate language. 🤣 He cries when any of us are sad. 😘 And randomly all throughout the day, he tells us he loves us.  ❤️

Wednesday, 11/25/2020

Thankful for the Hubby a.k.a. Dad. The force behind our sanity. He will beg to differ but without him, we probably aren’t all going to get along 🤣 He is quick to calm down so the rest of us calms down in stressful situations. He is quick to drop everything he’s doing just to take care of all our needs. He offers support, love, understanding, and caregiving.

He learned how to homeschool so Aiden can be safe and happy. 😘He learned and accepted the risks of sharing his PS4 to a 6 yr old. 😜He learned to appreciate and eat lechon, sushi and spam to make me happy. 🤣

He is truly the wind beneath my wings. He gives a lot and asks for very little in return.

Thursday, 11/26/2020

Today’s #gratitudepost is about being thankful for #goodhealth and #mentalstrength to #hustle for the #family ❤️

Everything I do, I do for these 3 humans I am most thankful for. And I won’t be able to if I am unwell.

Little things, little wins, little steps – see them for what they are. And then, watch them grow into something big. Something big that’s good for you!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. 😊❤️

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