Child’s View

It can be tempting to disregard our children’s views. Perceiving that their understanding of life (and of the world) is greatly limited simply because they haven’t “lived” their lives long enough sounds very typical. However, I have come to realize that staying within that perception often limits me in my ability to understand my own children.

Today, I asked my children what their view on FAMILY is.


Me: What is family?

Ollie: Family is where you have a mom and dad and brother or sister and have a grandma and a grandpa.

Me: Who are your family?

Ollie: My family is Aiden, Dad, You, Auntie Ai, Grandma, and Grandpa.

Me: What do families do?

Ollie: They give a lot of love and are nice to each other.

Me: What shouldn’t families do?

Ollie: Be mean to each other. Make fun of each other. And don’t tell lies! That’s the most important.

Me: Do you like your family?

Ollie: Yeah! My life is great.


I asked him to draw our family. At first he was just writing “mom, dad, Oliver, and Aiden”. Then, I showed him a family picture. This is his version of our family photo.

If today is a tough day for your family, hang in there. Your children loves you and they understand what you are trying to do for them with the best that you can.

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