Annual Check – CHECK!

We recently took the kids for their annual checks. We are growing up!

WE were ALL calm! Of course, both kids still tried to hype each other up (and on their own). And we probably were still the loudest family in all of the waiting rooms. But… we stayed in the waiting room! We weren’t chasing kids in the hallway. We weren’t frequenting the restroom just to hear the toilet flush. We weren’t kicking and screaming on the floor. We weren’t touching trash cans. No fits, no tears, no fuss.

Oliver went first so Aiden could watch. He did such a great job modelling compliance. He loves attention so he stayed very engaged with the doctor. If he wasn’t only 6, he’d be fine answering all the questions by himself!

Aiden allowed the PA to take his vitals. He even had his blood pressure and heart rate checked. He also stood still on the scale. He let his pediatrician check on him. He even complied on the ear check which in the past was an absolute no-go. It was amazing to see! And… he was willing to show off a few of the phrases we’ve been practicing like “I am Aiden” and “I want to eat pizza”.

Usually at the end of these check up’s we would all be exhausted and frustrated. But not this time. The kids are healthy and the check up was a success. We decided to celebrate. Our first family restaurant sit down since March of this year. Annual check – CHECK!

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