Do you remember the first time someone said your child showed signs of Autism and you got so angry? Angry at the person who dare judge your child and they don’t even know him? Angry at the mere insinuation that there was something wrong with your perfect child?

I do.

Do you remember the day of your child’s formal evaluation where you answered all sorts of crazy questions and sat through silly tests? But the whole time you felt your gut wrenching, your heart breaking, and tears just wouldn’t stop rolling down your face?

I do.

Do you remember the sorrows and fears you felt as soon as you realize the truth that you have been denying all along? Your child has autism.

I do.

Do you remember the days when he maintained eye contact, laughed, sang, danced, and wholeheartedly made you feel like you are the luckiest parent to have deserved such a perfect little gift?

I do.

Do you find yourself looking at old photos and videos? And deep down, cursing autism? HOW DARE YOU AUTISM! How dare you take my perfect child away from me!

I do.

Note: The stress of parenting should never be taken for granted. Do what you can to find support. Sometimes the support you do not think you have is actually there. It’s okay to want and seek help. This article is also a good read.

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