Hubby shared a story about how Aiden once pushed Oliver and got in so much trouble for it. Later on, he heard a loud 'thug' and assumed that Aiden pushed Oliver again. In anger, he scolded Aiden. Aiden, in the midst of tears and seemingly on the verge of either anger or deep hurt said,... Continue Reading →

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Child’s View

It can be tempting to disregard our children's views. Perceiving that their understanding of life (and of the world) is greatly limited simply because they haven't "lived" their lives long enough sounds very typical. However, I have come to realize that staying within that perception often limits me in my ability to understand my own... Continue Reading →

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Annual Check – CHECK!

We recently took the kids for their annual checks. We are growing up! WE were ALL calm! Of course, both kids still tried to hype each other up (and on their own). And we probably were still the loudest family in all of the waiting rooms. But... we stayed in the waiting room! We weren't... Continue Reading →

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Do you remember the first time someone said your child showed signs of Autism and you got so angry? Angry at the person who dare judge your child and they don't even know him? Angry at the mere insinuation that there was something wrong with your perfect child? I do. Do you remember the day... Continue Reading →

Teach Me Not To Lie

One of the most vivid childhood recollection I have was getting in trouble for supposedly taking money. It was such a meager amount (less than $1 converted in Philippine Peso). I was practically 'interrogated' for what felt like eternity (maybe an hour or two in reality). I swore I did not take the money but... Continue Reading →

Prelude to Home School

Aiden's formal diagnosis came at the same he was starting Pre-K. As the school year started, we went through a crash course on Special Education. I remember during that time, I was still in the very early ages of coming to terms with his "condition". I wanted to grieve aboutthe lost hopes and dreams I... Continue Reading →

Love Your Brother, No Matter What

"Oliver, always love your brother no matter what." "Oliver, I know when you take things from your brother, we get mad but when your brother takes things from you, we ask you to share.""Oliver, please clean up all the mess. We know you didn't do it but we still need you to clean it up.""Oliver,... Continue Reading →

Can You Say No To An Autistic Child?

After we finally accepted that Aiden is Autistic, it quickly opened our eyes to the many things we could have done a hundred times better pre-diagnosis. We realized that how we've disciplined him for having meltdowns were futile because we had zero understanding of what may have truly triggered it. We also came to the... Continue Reading →

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